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Chan Luu is one of the top designers of what some would call arm candy; designer bracelets and jewelry for discerning tastes. Currently the number one jewelry designer at Boutique La Fleur, her signature designs and creations are inspired by a love of life and the beauty which is ever present in nature. Working with natural material which include leather, cotton, stones, beads and natural freshwater pearls, as well as glass and crystals her designs are worn by many of the rich and famous, the celebrities and A listers all of whom need to look just right all the time. Indeed, examples of Chan Luu bracelets and their intricate designs even then have been accurately dated to as far back as nine thousand years ago; in some cultures and in particular Indian culture the number of bracelets which a woman wears denotes her marital status, in other cultures the wearing of bracelets made of different materials and colors also denotes the social status of the wearer. In western Chan Luu bracelets and other jewelry, apart from specific rings are worn mainly for decoration and are as much a statement of fashion as a statement about the individual. Certainly the collection of bracelets and jewelry which has been conceived and crafted from the design studio of falls into the category of decoration and fashion. Chan Luu Bracelets and necklaces have long been a fashion accessory, long before the time the modern fashion jewelry industry emerged, and it wasn't only women who adorned themselves in what was considered in the day intricate pieces to be worn as a display or merely as a token. Bracelets have been given from one friend to another perhaps for thousands of years, certainly for hundreds of years and it is true to say historical evidence points to bracelets being given as friendship and/or love tokens as far back as the ancient Egyptian culture. Chan Luu bracelets are highly popular and can be seen adorning the arms of most celebrities and ordinary people, both male and female. Chan Luu bracelets are handmade and personally designed by Chan Luu or under her supervision by a team of expert designers. Most of her designs are inspired by nature and have an artsy look about then. Chan Luu makes her wrap bracelets from a wide variety of materials including leather, precious stones, hand painted sea shells, sterling silver, or gold vermeil. Chan Luu identifies with women and creates beautiful authentic jewelry and bracelets aimed at making women feel and look beautiful. Since they are highly affordable, they are patronized by all sections of society. The origin of these wrap bracelets came from a trip to India where she saw Hindu devotees with thread work tied around their wrist, which were blessed to ward off evil. She was thus inspired to create something that was fun and spiritual and thus was born the wrap bracelet. Chan Luu bracelets are also very popular among celebrities and ordinary people alike. Scarves help to create a style, be it a casual look or boho, or elegant and chic. Scarves are made of silk or cashmere and are extremely versatile. Chan Luu scarves help to make a woman feel cosseted and feminine. Like all her creations, her scarf collections are also inspired by nature and by her visits to different parts of the world. The Chan Luu bracelets of fashion apparel and jewelry has been becoming more and more popular lately. You can find some of Chan Luu bracelets apparel if you go to different websites that carry the brand. Chan Luu merchandise isnt available just anywhere as far as physical stores go. You can find quite a bit of the collection at trendy little fashion stores, but it hasnt spread to the department store level as of yet. Because of this the best way to buy yourself or someone you love some of these hot fashion pieces is to purchase Chan Luu bracelets.